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Dr B.D. Desai

I contacted Dr Mangal Parihar after being treated twice by other senior orthopedic surgeons in Mumbai. It was a very difficult situation for me as about 8 inches of my tibia had undergone infection after previous surgeries for a fracture of lower tibia. I had a plate inside which was getting repeatedly loose and after the second surgery it got infected and the fracture was not healing. I had discharge from broken down skin wounds in three places. I could not get back to work and seeing patients.

Dr Vengsarkar referred me to Dr Mangal, who was very helpful to see me at a short notice.

To tell you the truth I ran off from the hospital without even meeting him, because I got scared seeing a patient walking around in the ring fixator.


Dr Mangal called me the same evening and asked me to meet him next day. He spent more than two hours with me explaining in detail about the treatment options, the risks and consequences of them all. It was a great experience to receive care and love from a such a leading surgeon and that to on meeting him for the first time.

I immediately agreed for the surgery. We went through the process of further investigations, I got my bone scan done which confirmed infection in the bone.

The surgery was done at Sir HN Hospital & Research Center, Mumbai. The surgery itself went well. I knew exactly what to expect in the surgery and in the post-operative period. I was walking from the second day of surgery. The recovery was slow and steady and as per Dr Mangal's expectations.

I did not have any complications other than the hiccup of two of the wires breaking, which were then changed - thereafter everything went smooth.

Soon I was walking freely, doing most of the activities as before even with the fixator still applied to my leg. The fracture healed, the infection completely taken care of the fixator was removed.

I have been doing well all these years, but due to small injury I have developed a small discharging sinus which is closing slowly may be because of very tight skin.

My whole experience at the Center for Limb Lengthening & Reconstruction, Mangal Anand hospital, has been very very different. Other doctors were more professional in their approach. Dr. Mangal Parihar was more humanitarian and was interested in relieving my problem. He always listens patiently and has a solution for all the niggles and worries a patient faces. It was the most appropriate choice.

I have been treated very affectionately and professionally at the same time. In retrospect, by selecting any other institute I might have landed up in more trouble.

Today I am walking, driving and have been permitted to play my sports though I do not play for other reasons. I have recommended some of my patients and they have also been benefited by Dr.Parihar. I'm thankful to Dr Parihar for being such a nice human being and a great doctor.


With the deformity in the left leg increasing day by day, my daughter’s walking style had changed, so much so that passersby use to curiously look at her. Occasionally, she was also loosing balance and she was not able run fast like other children. She was operated before when she was about 6 years old, with traditional technique, but the problem relapsed (the earlier doctor did caution us that the problem may recur in future). This prompted us to consult the doctor.

Initially I consulted Dr Laud for my daughter's problem in left leg, who gave the reference of Dr Parihar. Later, I consulted Dr Parihar, who thoroughly analysed the problem and suggested a surgery using the Ilizarov technique. However, when I consulted doctors at Hinduja for a second opinion, they also opined that Dr Mangal Parihar is competent and well known in using Ilizarov technique.

Dr Parihar made a thorough assessment of the problem, spoke to my daughter and us for gaining a complete idea of the problem and then suggested possible remedies. We were also shown some videos relating to earlier patients who were treated by Dr Parihar, so as to gain an idea of the proposed solution. I can say, this is the unique feature of Dr Mangal Parihar’s diagnosis and consultation. After the first consult our feeling was one of relief and pinned lots of hopes on the proposed surgery.

The surgery went off smoothly and my daughter was able to walk a few steps (with support) from the 3rd day itself. The recovery was on time.

From the moment we decided to have surgery of my daughter at the Center for Limb Lengthening & Reconstruction, Mangal Anand hospital, every thing went fine, doctor was continuously available even after the surgery (which is rare in Mumbai corporate hospitals) and sometimes for small issues during post-operative time, solutions were given over phone, which reduced the inconvenience for us.

My daughter is completely normal now and is more confident in her activities. Now, she is a normal child, participating in all types of sports/activities. As a parent, I am indebted to Dr Parihar and there is no doubt in saying that he is an epitome of professional approach and competence.

I don’t have any hesitation in suggesting/referring friends/relatives who seek my advice to Dr Mangal Parihar.

Dr Gayatri Bhat  

I am a case of Multiple Myeloma with a nonunion of left Tibia since Nov 2001. After undergoing multiple surgeries my tibal union did not take place and I also developed osteomyelitis. Once the infection was under control I was referred to Dr Mangal by Dr Manish Agarwal of Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai for Ilizarov Fixation as that was the only way out apart from the other option given to me of an above knee amputation.

My problem was difficult as I had no union of the tibia since 2001 Nov. Initially, my hematologists were busy trying to control the main underlying disease, so leg could not be handled at the same time. I have had two bone marrow transplants, first was Autologous Stem cell transplant done inSept2002, followed by Mini Allogenic BMT in jan 2003.

I was first operated in Nov 2001 for a growth in upper end of left tibia. There was a lytic lesion which was initially diagnosed as Osteoclastoma and so I was operated. Post surgery the diagnosis was a hematological malignancy.

In Jan 2004, I was once again operated and a plate was fitted to fix the non union. But at the same time I also suffered from Scleroderma as a result of GVHD (Graft versus Host disease) because of the allogenic BMT. The plate broke in Feb 2005. There was still no union and now there was a broken plate along with nonunited fracture upper end of tibia.

In June 2007, there was oozing of pus from the upper end of tibia that was diagnosed as osteomyelitis. I then had three more surgeries for debridement at TMH. It was then that I was referred to Dr Mangal for Ilizarov fixation in June 2008.

After my first consultation, I felt I was in safe hands. After speaking to Dr Mangal, I felt he had a definite plan of action for me which gave me the confidence that I had come to the right person. I was assured that my leg would heal, in good time.After having had so many surgeries and an option of above knee amputation, I was hopeful that I would probably be walking on my own feet in good time.

I have been fortunate, rather blessed because I have met some of the finest doctors during my last 9 years of ailment.

My first surgery at the Center for Limb Lengthening & Reconstruction, Mangal Anand hospital, wherein the Ilizarov fixator was fitted, went off well and within a week I was discharged . Post operatively also I had no problems and recovery was pretty good.

Subsequently I had another minor surgery to put in bone graft and to change two infected wires and pin. Recovery was good and uneventful.

Xrays taken at regular intervals showed steady healing and the fixator was removed in Oct 2009 . Thereafter I am moving around using a leg brace.

Presently it is 7months since the fixator was removed. My fracture is well united. I now walk around the house using the brace but without the support of crutches. when I go out I use a single stick for support.

My fracture is healed and I am moving around on my own leg. That itself indicates that I had made the right choice and came to the right person.

If someone were to have a problem similar to mine, I would definitely advice them to see Dr Mangal Parihar. In the span of one and a half years of my treatment with him I was confident that my leg would heal.

Shamim Khan  

I had a deformed and crooked foot deformity due to polio in childhood. I was unable to walk properly but was living with it, till one day I came to know about Dr Parihar. Before meeting Dr Parihar I never knew that the foot could be straight again.

After my intreraction with the doctor I felt he understood my problem completely and explained the whole process nicely.

The surgery involved correction of the deformity by gradually stretching it out using the Ilizarov fixator. The surgery went off without any problems but I had lot of pain while the foot was getting corrected. Day by day the foot started getting corrected in front of my eyes, and that feeling of seeing my foot straight after so many years was enough to keep me going. It felt like it would never end and the pain was getting unbearable at times.

I am now happy that after a lot of suffering the foot was corrected, I am walking normally.

I found the team at the Center for Limb Lengthening & Reconstruction, Mangal Anand hospital to be very good, skillfull and knowledgeable. Only advice I would give to anyone is that I found my life here at Mangal anand Hospital, so if someone has surgical or any problem he can blindly go there, the best solution of their problem will be provided.



After having over 2 dozen surgeries in 2 years of trying to fix three infected non-union fractures in my right leg I was suggested an above knee amputation as an option because the other options had proven ineffective thus far.

In a last ditch attempt to save my limb, I went for consultation to Dr Sanjay Agarwala who briefly mentioned Dr Mangal Parihar as a person who could do limb lengthening after Dr Agarwala attempts to salvage the limb.

That was the turning point, I came to the Center for Limb Lengthening & Reconstruction, Mangal Anand hospital and met Dr Parihar, who opinionated that even though the situation of the limb was critically bad, there was a possibility of salvage,

The diagnosis, explanation of the present condition, the possible remedy, the desired outcome, the procedure and duration of treatment and time required for treatment was summed up to me. The sheer manner in which these were laid out to me convinced me that Dr Mangal is one of the few Doctors in my country who could help me, but I still wasn't too hopeful because I could not even stand, sit upright without support and my physical and mental condition were at an all time low thanks to the failed earlier surgeries. But all that was about to change!!

I was successfully operated (LRS fixation using Ilizarov technique) in Jan 2005 and the infection was brought under control within a month,

Dr Mangal make it look like it was easy and in the first time in over 2 years I was on the road to recovery, and within 2 months I was sure about it.

In the post operative period I had no issues whatsoever, the bone growth was normal and the infection was zero. It took about 15 months for me to recover, but it was told to me at the 1st consultation itself. Every timetable schedule for recovery was on the dot, everything happened as Dr Mangal had said that it would ideally happen.

Thanks to Dr Parihar, I can walk now!

But thanks is the smallest word I can say to "the Most Skillful Orthopedic Surgeon" I have ever met and certainly one of the Best in India. Dr Parihar's innate modesty and distinction are certainly a product of his skills, knowledge and experience. If you are having orthopedic issues which were unsuccessfully treated elsewhere, do consult with Dr Mangal Parihar , he shall give you hope if there is any and will most certainly meet or exceed your expectations. He did to me!!

For more stories from patients about their successful treatment - please see -