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Ilizarov Correction - Proximal Tibia

Proximal Tibia
The deformity in the proximal tibia was corrected using the gradual correction using Ilizarov ring fixator and hinges.

The fixator is first applied in a crooked fashion, to mimic the deformity of the bone. With gradual distraction @ 1 mm/day the fixator is adjusted and the bone moves with the fixator creating a gap at the osteotomy site(the bone cut).

The gap shown in the xray is the site of osteotomy & correction of the deformity.

The picture on the right side shows correction achieved in terms of the angle and length. The fuzzy appearance in the bone gap is due to the formation of new bone in the gap.
Proximal Tibia
The excellent bony and functional results following correction of both the sides.