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Hexapod Correction - Metaphyseal Dysplasia

This young girl from Nigeria had a complex deformity of the upper tibia. There was a valgus (outward bend), recurvatum (forward bend) and internal rotation (in-toeing – the foot faces inwards when the knee cap is facing is facing forward).
The correction was done using Hexapod external fixator system – which is a six-axis correction system. Six struts are connected to the Ilizarov ring fixator and the values are entered in a computer software. The software then gives a program on the correction process. The picture on extreme right is a screenshot of the software. The picture in the center (second from left) shows the fixator with Hexapod struts.
The x-ray and clinical appearance after full correction. The right leg looks similar to the left one in appearance. On x-ray the axis is well corrected.