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Arthrolysis - Elbow

Movements Before Surgery
This 17 year old girl had stiff elbow as a result of an open inter-condylar fracture of humerus following side swipe injury. She underwent multiple surgeries for the same. When she presented to us the fracture had healed, skin graft was healthy but she had only of 50 degrees of arc of motion (40-90)
Movements 2 days after surgery
X-rays at the end of 6 months
The excellent functional outcome with a sustained improvement in function as seen at 6 months followup. The arc of motion improved to 110 degrees (20 degrees of extension to 130 degrees of flexion).

Fused Elbow

Xray before surgery
This 30 year gentleman had been through a lot. He had multiple fractures after a road traffic accident about 5 years ago. He fracture of the right femur, right tibia, both bones of right forearm with fracture of proximal humerus. All open fractures. When he came to us he had a near fused elbow – just a jog of movements.

Just before surgery

The skin over the elbow was bad. So first a flap was done to get a good soft tissue cover.

Movements after surgery
Xrays after surgery

The distal humerus has been shaped into a notch with the olecranon shaped into a hook creating two congruent surfaces and a flexion-extension axis.

The functional outcome after 2 months of surgery. The post surgery arc of motion was 120 degrees with an extension of 20 degrees and flexion up to 130degrees.